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Making a great impression starts with your E3 trade show display. The display not only conveys your branded identity, but it also acts as a catalyst for reaching your marketing, communication, and sales goals. Beyond making a great impression, there are also a few things that can really make you stand out from the booths around you.

Choosing an optimal location

Choosing an optimal location is one of the best and easiest ways to increase foot traffic to your booth. At Tandem Exhibits by Presentation Media, we always recommend investing in a corner or end booth allowing for maximized foot traffic from multiple directions, and therefore increasing potential leads and sales. While most trade show participants will browse all of the aisles, the booths that really stand out from the rest are located on the corner or end and really take advantage of this prime location.

E3 custom trade show display

Use design to your advantage

Great design is worth its weight in gold at trade shows, especially tech shows like E3. The well-thought-out design concisely conveys a brand story, makes a great first and lasting impression, and truly showcases what the products are about in a cohesive, easy to understand manner. More often than not, the design element is one of the most overlooked parts of the display development process, but it should be one of the very first things to think about.

Invest in a custom display

We know this one seems like a no brainer, but a solid, custom built display is worth the investment. Designing a trade show display from the ground up is a great way to attract and keep show participants engaged during the show. Working with the Tandem Exhibits by Presentation Media team to build out a custom E3 trade show display is a great option for both those who have an idea in mind and those who need a little bit more direction.

The good news is there is still time to create a custom E3 trade show display. Our minimum time frame for a custom build is only two weeks, but the optimal timeframe is four weeks. With E3 coming soon, now is the time to start the custom display process.

Are you ready to start designing your E3 trade show display?

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