Wood VS Tension Fabric. Which One Is Right For Your Exhibit?

When it comes to your trade show display, there are many different options. Let’s take a look at two different types of trade show displays: wood and tension fabric.

Wooden Trade Show Displays

There are many benefits to investing in a wooden trade show display. Here are some advantages we feel are worth noting. 

1. They are easier and quicker to set up than other types of displays. Opting for wood will save you time on installing and dismantling your display.

2. They provide lots of options in terms of the structure of your booth. You can do more with your shelving as well as use your shelves to display monitors and hang products.

3. Wooden trade show displays look architectural pleasing because they allow for laminates and finishes, just like any permanent space. 

4. Wood displays are fully customizable. There are no limitations on the design of your wooden trade show display. The sky is truly the limit!

Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays

There are also a lot of benefits to using tension fabric trade show displays.

1. They are lightweight, especially when compared to wooden displays. The lighter your display is, the more you will save on shipping. Plus, lighter displays will also save you on drayage because they are easier to move to your designated spot at the convention center. 

2. Tension fabric displays allow you to easily and quickly change a graphic out.

3. And, because you can swap graphics in and out, you can reuse old graphics in your tension fabric display.

4. Tension fabric displays are semi-customizable. This means you can customize some parts, but not all, like you can with a wooden display.

5. These types of displays allows you to design custom shapes with modular pieces.

6. Tension fabric displays have the ability to be backlit. 

7. Many tension fabric displays are machine washable. 

8. Tension fabric displays are dynamic and can even be used as a dividing wall between booths due to their slim frames. 

Wood or Tension Fabric? Which Is Best For You?
At the end of the day, whether you go with wood or tension fabric will really depend on your display and needs. Both are great options. 

Tandem Exhibits Can Help You Leave A  Lasting Impression

The Tandem Exhibits team can design your next trade show display using either wood or tension fabric. Our custom trade show exhibits are carefully designed, built from the ground up, and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on all attendees at your next trade show. 

We would love to discuss your project and see how we can help. Let us help you start designing your trade show booth now!

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